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Spectrum (1982 - 1993?)

The ZX Spectrum (originally codenamed ZX82) was launched in April 1982 and is based on a 3.5 MHz Z80. It was originally available in two models: 16KB RAM (£125) and 48KB RAM (£175). You could also get an upgrade from 16KB to 48KB for £60.

The Spectrum featured a number of improvements over its predecessor, the ZX81. Among them were color high-resolution graphics and a sound generator.

Later models introduced in this series were Spectrum plus, Spectrum 128K (1986; 128KB RAM and a new sound chip), Spectrum +2 (1987; rather like the 128K) and Spectrum +3 (1988; had a 3" disk drive that could read disks from Amstrad CPC and Amstrad PCW and could run CP/M (but CP/M had to be bought separately)). The Spectrum name was purchased by Amstrad and therefore the +3 uses Amstrad circuit boards and other items. More information about the Spectrum.

There were also American clones produced. The Timex-Sinclair 2068 was a ZX Spectrum with some extra extensions (a new sound chip, more graphic modes, rewritten ROM) and 72KB RAM. More information about the clones. Clones like the Pentagon 128 and software are still (1998) produced.

There are 828 games listed for Spectrum in this list.

Adventureland was created by Hans Persson and is now maintained by Stefan Meier.

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