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Runesoft were located at Charwood House, Crossgate Drive, Nottingham NG2 1LW, UK. They released 2-3 games apart from Robyn Hoode and Paradox.

Robyn Hoode

Written in The Quill.
Runs on:

Notes: Divided into two parts (finishing the first part gives you the password to the second).


Written in The Quill.
Runs on:


Text only Written 1984 by Jon Slack.
Runs on:

Comments: Spoof (indeed!) on kill-the-dragon type adventures. Fed up with his mundane existence and his nagging wife (Dro Ning), not to mention his whinging kids (Mo Ning and Complay Ning), Yaw Ning decides to leave them and look for adventure down at the local (The Drink Ing?). There he hears tell that Spoof the Magic Dragon has returned...

Here is a review of Spoof

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