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[U. S. A.]Datasoft, Inc

They are or have been distributed by IntelliCreations and Radio Shack.

Sands of Egypt

Graphics Written 1982 by Frank Cohen.
Runs on:
Notes: The game comes on one 5 1/4" disk for Atari 400/800 and includes a fold-out instruction sheet (2 pages) are all that's included (unless you count another brochure to get your own software published).

Package blurb:

The Sands of Egypt is an action adventure starring you in the role of Lord Charles Buckingham III, the world-famous British explorer. Attacked by nomads while on an archeology (sic) expedition to Egypt, Lord Charles was knocked unconscious and is now hopelessly lost in the fabled land of the Pharaohs. As the drama unfolds, we find him wandering in the wilderness alone. He carries nothing but a compass, his courage, and his wits.

As the star, you'll encounter the blistering heat of the barren sands and experience the ecstasy of a desert oasis. Take a rest under the shade of a date palm and enjoy the elixir of life: Water. Continuing the search, you'll risk all to find the secret treasure concealed within the lost pyramid.

The Dallas Quest

Bitmap graphics Written 1984 by James Garon.
Runs on:
Notes: Based on the TV series.


Written 1986.
Runs on:

Notes: The ZX Spectrum version was published by US Gold.

Dark Lord

Drawn graphics/DG/MUSIC (animations) Written 1987 by Kyle Freeman [design], Kyle Freeman [programming] and Gary Wilens [music].
Runs on:
Notes: It has some "real-time" puzzles, 16-color "draw and fill" graphics, multi-channel music and animation that continued while you typed. It also had a self-running demo, a tutorial adventure, easy and hard skill levels, and a randomizer replay feature. Distributed by Electronic Arts and later by Hi-Tek Expressions.

Comments: A journey through a mirror leads you to the alterworld where you must defeat the Dark Lord Nequam that killed your grandfather.

221B Baker Street

Written 1987.
Runs on:

Adventureland was created by Hans Persson and is now maintained by Stefan Meier.

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