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The adventures in this series features characters from Marvel Comics. The original plan was to create a series of twelve games, each accompanied by a comic.Marvel Comics published three issues in its Questprobe series. The fourth comic starring the X-Men was already finished and was published years later in another series called Marvel Fanfare. Adventure International went out of business while game number four was being written.

1: The Hulk

Bitmap graphics Written 1984 by Scott Adams in Scott Adams database.
Runs on:

2: Spiderman

Bitmap graphics Written 1984 by Scott Adams and Al Milgrom [art] in Scott Adams database.
Runs on:

Comments: Peter Parker, aka Spiderman, must defeat all of his most dangerous enemies: Sandman, Mysterio etc.

3: Fantastic Four (Human Torch & The Thing)

Bitmap graphics Written 1985 by Scott Adams in Scott Adams database.
Runs on:
Notes: There were two versions of this game, an American disk version and a British cassette version. They differ in graphics and commands but not in text. This game used a new game system to handle the two actors, but rather than to port that, Adventure International UK bought the rights to the game system Melbourne House used for Terrormolinos.

4: X-Men

Notes: This game was never released, but work was underway when Adventure International went bankrupt.

Adventureland was created by Hans Persson and is now maintained by Stefan Meier.

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