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Star Dreams

Aural Quest

Drawn graphics Written 1984 by Mike E. Turner in The Quill.
Runs on:
Notes: Released on the cassette version of the pop group The Stranglers' 1984 album "Aural Sculpture".

Contains over one hundred locations. Written by the same person as The Sandman Cometh.

Comments: The game is packaged as a parody of a motion picture, coming in a video style case, complete with a comprehensive illustrated booklet. This theme is carried on into the program with film style credits and opening; even the loading screen being a tongue in cheek representation of the Board of Censors' authorisation certificate.

The Sandman Cometh

Graphics Written 1984 by Mike E. Turner.
Runs on:
Notes: Divided into two parts. Written by the same person as Aural Quest. It sold for £10.95.

Package blurb:

There has long been a feeling in the software press that adventure games have tended to be very repetitive in their choice of material. The Sandman Cometh is a major departure in the kind of thinking behind games writing. The adventure represents a series of dream sequences, each with its own set of logical problems in an otherwise illogical scenario.

Here is a review of The Sandman Cometh

A Spell of Christmas Ice

Text only Written by Mike E. Turner in The Quill.
Runs on:
Notes: Presented as "A very easy adventure for novices and children".

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