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Codemasters was started, owned and operated by the two Darling brothers after they managed to get out of their earlier contract with Mastertronic. They specialised in action/adventure games that you move a character around with keys, press a key to get an item and another to drop one. They made a quite popular series about an egg called Dizzy and a one off game about a guy called Seymore. The games were mostly released for Spectrum +2s on tapes.

Sometime around 1999 they bought Yosemite Entertainment (originally the development portion of Sierra On-Line).

Codemasters has a homepage at http://www.codemasters.com/.

For more information, see Yosemite Entertainment and Mastertronic.

Necris Dome

Drawn graphics Written 1987 by Charles Sharp in GAC.
Runs on:

Comments: "The leader of a cemetery in orbit around Earth plans to attack Earth. You must stop him."

Adventureland was created by Hans Persson and is now maintained by Stefan Meier.

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