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[Great Britain]Mosaic Publishing

Mosaic specialize in "bookware" which is better described as interactive fiction than adventure. There is mainly narrative text with only occasional player interaction. Their games are programmed by Level 9 Computing and The Ram Jam Corporation.

They distribute Level 9 Computing and Ram Jam Corporation, The.

The Pen and the Dark

Text only Written 1984 by Keith Campbell.
Runs on:

The Snow Queen

Drawn graphics Written 1985 by St. Bride's School.
Runs on:
Notes: May also have been published by St. Brides's themselves.

The Stainless Steel Rat

Written 1984 by Harry Harrison and Sean O'Connell.
Runs on:

Notes: Based on the book by Harry Harrison. The game has three sections in which you are tested on your eligibility to join the Special Corps, try to escape in your spaceship and explore the planet Freibur. The book and cassette package cost £14.95.

Twice Shy

Written 1986 by The Ramjam Corporation.
Runs on:

The Width of the World

Written 1984 by Simon Gould.
Runs on:

Notes: based on the story by Ian Watson.

Here is a review of The Width of the World

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