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Ram Jam Corporation, The

They are or have been distributed by Mosaic Publishing.

Valkyrie 17

Drawn graphics/Music Written 1985.
Runs on:
Notes: The original tape featured a very entertaining audio recording on the b-side, follwing an agent tailing a nazi before getting killed (complete with gun shot and screams!). There are also some answerphone messages.

Comments: Player must escape his bill at a ski hotel and deal with killers left and right as he tries to steal the fabled jewel "Valkyrie 17" from a castle.

Package blurb:

You get home one evening to discover a message on your answering machine. Something you'd thought hidden for good has reared its ugly head once again. Valkyrie 17 is active.

Over the next five nights, a series of frantic phone calls convince you that the matter deserves further investigation. You receive a dossier on the activities of Valkyrie 17. Pieced together from fragmentary reports culled from the last forty years you slowly begin to put the whole thing together. Drakenfeur, Heinrich and Reichsmuller. The badge pressed into your hand on the station at... And that last desperate call for help from the Glitz Hotel overlooking Lake Bruntz.

Your cover is good. Very good in fact. You spend a few days sniffing around and then head up towards Lake Bruntz. You check in to the Glitz Hotel. It's the last lead you have. You seem to be getting nowhere.

Then on your way to the bar you sense a movement in the shadows. You feel a blow on your temple. And everything goes black...

Valkyrie 17 is an Adventure featuring both graphic and text locations. You will meet several different characters some of whom may help you while others see your demise as their sole purpose in life.

On the reverse of the cassette tape are the answerphone messages.

Here is a review of Valkyrie 17

Three Days in Carpathia

Graphics Written in The Biro.
Runs on:
Notes: Sequel to Valkyrie 17. This might not have been released.

The Sock

Written in The Biro.

Tooth Affair; Chicago

Written in The Biro.

Shadow Warrior

Written in The Biro.

The Amulet

Written in The Biro.

Twice Shy

Bitmap graphics Written 1986 in The Biro.
Runs on:
Notes: The screen is divided into three parts, picture, location description and player interaction. For more information, see Mosaic Publishing

The Terrors of Trantoss

Written 1986.
Runs on:

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