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[USA and Great Britain]Howarth, Brian

There are inofficial sites about Howarth, Brian:

They are or have been distributed by Molimerx, Channel 8, Adventure International and Digital Fantasia.

For more information, see Adventure International UK and Tynesoft.

Mysterious Adventures Series

Brian Howarth used a basic game design tool for writing Scott Adams databases and wrote his own TRS-80 driver so he could then ship and sell them. This driver became the Adventure International Spectrum driver for all games including Scott's and Brian did a lot of the code used for the graphics system in the later Spectrum games.

After all these games Brian was involved in Dungeons & Dragons game stuff. The ScottFree interpreter on ftp.gmd.de will play the Brian Howarth databases.

These games were available in both the UK and the US.

These games were originally released for the TRS-80. At least some of these games were available for Dragon. The graphics are by someone called Jon.

Adventureland was created by Hans Persson and is now maintained by Stefan Meier.

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