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[Great Britain]Tynesoft

Tynesoft was started by doing distribution for Mike Woodroffe. They also provided the artists for Elvira 1 & 2. They went bust around the time that Elvira 2 was released.

They distribute Horrorsoft.

For more information, see Horrorsoft.

Super Gran: The Adventure

Bitmap graphics Written 1985 by Brian Howarth and Mike Woodroffe.
Runs on:
Notes: Based on a TV series (probably sponsored by a cereal company) about a granny who gets super powers when eating oat meal while battling her arch rival Campbell.

Lone Survivor

Written by Brian Howarth.

Spectrum 128K starter pack

Notes: Contained Blizzard Pass among other things, later sold separately by Adventure Soft. For more information, see
Adventure Soft UK


Runs on:

Savage Island 2

Bitmap graphics Written 1987.
Runs on:
Notes: A re-release of the Scott Adams title with added graphics.

Comments: Was there a Savage Island 1?

Here is a review of Savage Island 2

Wizards Spell

Type: GB Written by S. Walpole.
Runs on:

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