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[Great Britain]Smart Egg Software

They are or have been distributed by Mastertronic and CRL Group PLC.

Rigel's Revenge

Text only Written 1987 by Ron Harris, Nigel Brooks, Said Hassan and Ross Harris.
Runs on:

Here is a review of Rigel's Revenge


Text only Written 1988 by Michael White.
Runs on:

The Quest for the Golden Eggcup

Bitmap graphics Written 1988 by Harvey Lodder, Nigel Brooks, Simon Donstan and Said Hassan.
Runs on:
Notes: It was first released as a homegrown adventure by Harvey Lodder, then Smart Egg gave it a facelift.

Harvey Lodder, the original author of this game, is currently (1998) working on an Inform version of the game which will be much bigger than the original.

Comments: Zany adventure in which you have been killed and gone off to God's palace. To be resurrected, you must find his golden eggcup (and solve a murder along the way).

The Quest for the Golden Eggcup is available for off-site download

The Labours of Hercules

Written by Terry Taylor.
Runs on:

Here is a review of The Labours of Hercules

Plot Hatcher

Runs on:

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