Ian McDonald: Books

This page contains a list of all books that Ian McDonald has published as well as information about forthcoming titles. For each title, I also try to list as many translations as possible. Please let me know if I have missed anything. There is also some information about special national editions.

1988 Desolation Road French German Japanese Serbian
1988 Empire Dreams French German
1989 Out on Blue Six German
1991 King of Morning, Queen of Day German Japanese
1992 Hearts, Hands and Voices (US: The Broken Land) German Romania
1992 Speaking in Tongues
1992 Kling Klang Klatch German
1994 Scissors Cut Paper Wrap Stone Finnish German Italian Serbian
1994 Necroville (US: Terminal Café) French German Italian Romania
1995 Chaga (US: Evolution's Shore) German
1996 Sacrifice of Fools German
1998 Kirinya German
2000 Tendeléo's Story
2001 Ares Express
2004 River of Gods
coming Stupid Season
coming Ananda

As you can see, almost all of Ian's books are translated to at least one foreign language. Germany is by far in the lead, having translated everything that is translated at all. I also have reports that there are no local editions in Sweden, Belgium and The Netherlands.

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