Forthcoming titles


2004-10-08: Ian refers to his next book as "future present past Brazil".

Stupid Season

1998-11-03: Ian is currently working on his first mainstream novel, called Stupid Season. According to himself:

It takes place over Drumcree week 1998, and involves five interlinked stories, which include a hunt for the legendary porno version of Snow White and Seven Dwarfs, a dog that dies of a drugs overdose which leads to a robbery of a Post-Office, a married couple who plan to eliminate their neighbours's children because they're driving them mental, and a comics artist who is very slowly, very surely turning into his own superhero, with distrous consequences.


1998-11-03: This is a followup to Chaga. 2001-06-09: It will conclude the Chaga series, continuing the narrative about Gaby and Shepard.

Short fiction

According to this page, Ian has written the introduction for Peter Crowther's forthcoming novella Gandalph Cohen and the Land at the End of the Working Day published by Subterranean Press at Halloween 1999.

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