Hi there! I'm Hans Persson. Welcome to my home page. Mostly, this page has been put together as a starting place for my own surfing. Anyone interested in literature (especially science fiction) ought, however, to be able to find something interesting here. A longer presentation of myself with quite a few links in is available. As if that wasn't enough, I've also gotten myself one of them blog thingies.

I maintain pages on a few different subjects:

I like science fiction and fantasy a lot. I am chairman of Linköpings Science Fiction-Förening (The Linköping Science Fiction Society) and the science fiction convention ConFuse.


Search engines

Google, Virtual Software Library, Internet Address Finder, The Internet Movie Database, Libris, The World Clock.

Science Fiction and Fantasy

Here are some international science fiction and fantasy links that I use a lot. I have a lot more links to sf/fantasy sites in scandinavia.


This section has some links that have to do with language and translating.

Computer stuff

Here are various computer links that I use now and then. I run Linux whenever I can, so most of the links deal with that.

GNU Software Map Phrack Magazine LyX latex2html (1) latex2html (2) DOSEMU (home page, download) WWW-kom SciTeXt Free Operating Systems


A Beginner's Guide to HTML HTML v3.0 Texture Land Junction Daniel's Icon Archive HyperText Markup Language Specification 3.0 HTML Validation Service

Green Resources

Greenpeace International * E-fekt * Froggy Page * Tebodens prislista * Miljövänner för kärnkraft * Gröna bilister


Project Gutenberg Home Page Alex: A Catalog of Electronic Texts on the Internet The ETEXT Archives The Otis Index

Fun stuff

The Internet Underground The Principia Discordia An Anagram Generator on the WWW IT-termometern i Ryd The XXX-Rated Bible Live From House Q Survival Research Laboratories Donkey Kong i Java * Stix i Java * Star Wars i ASCIImation * Bensinsidorna, nostalgi om bensinmackar