King of Morning, Queen of Day (1991)

Cover of Bantam Spectra edition (by Heather Cooper). Cover of Bantam UK edition (by Mark Harrison).
Cover of Hayakawa edition (Japan).

In the myth-ridden hills of Ireland, three generations of young women struggle to tame the ancient magical powers that course through thrie blood. Each in her own way, Emily, Jessica, and Enye face the darker side of the human mythoconsciousness. One will embrace it. One will destroy it. And one will be swallowed whole...

Filled with passionate, vividly rendered characters and wildly imaginative storytelling, King of Morning, Queen of Day is a spellbinding work of contemporary fantasy by an exceptionally gifted writer.

Cover blurb of Bantam Spectra edition

King of Morning, Queen of Day is an expanded version of the short story by the same name in Empire Dreams. It is really a trilogy of linked novellas and a short interlude (the stort story in Empire Dreams forms the base for the first novella). They are held together by the protagtonist who in each of them is a young Irish girl. The stories are set in different times and the prose uses other writers of the respective periods as models. The first part uses early science fiction writers and W. B. Yeats and is written in the form of diary entries, notes, etc. The second part is a mixture of Samuel Beckett and James Joyce. The interlude is inspired by Molly's monologue in James Joyce's Ulysses and the third part is based on contemporary media. This novel won the 1992 Philip K. Dick Award for best original SF paperback.

An extract from the novel was published in Spectra: A Galaxy of Bestsellers, edited by Anonymous. Bantam Spectra, 1991.


  • Bantam Spectra (paperback)
    389 pages. $4.99. Cover by Heather Cooper.
    ISBN 0-553-29049-5.
  • Bantam UK (paperback)
    389 pages. £4.99. Cover by Mark Harrison.
    ISBN 0-553-40371-0.


  • German König der Dämmerung, Königin des Lichts, translated by Michael Kubiak.
    Bastei Lübbe Fantasy, 20190. 507 pages, ISBN 3-404-20190-6. DM 12:80. Cover art by Heather Cooper.
  • Japanese Japanese title (Reimei no O Hakuchu no Joo), translated by Yoshimichi Furusawa.
    Hayakawa Publishing, Inc.


I'm very interested in cover scans of the German translation.

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