Empire Dreams (1988)

Cover of Bantam Spectra edition.
Cover of Livre de Poche edition (France).

Here, from the author of Desolation Road, are nine previously uncollected tales by one of the boldest new voices in contemporary science fiction. Filled with magic, humor, and the stunning realism that can surface only in the most well-conceived fantasies, Ian McDonald's Empire Dreams is an exhiliarating rollercoaster ride through the ever-changing landscape of the human imagination - a ride that will leave you breathless with wonder and awe. You'll encounter:

A terminally ill boy who dreams himself to the brink of like in a space war game against a cancerous invader...

A wealthy composer who orchestrates a unique and hideous murder with the services of the Brothers Ho, Taxidermists ... but with unexpected consequences...

A newly widowed husband who seeks his wife on an island where the dearly departed live in a state of computer simulation...

And many more dazzling fantasies by a master dreamer whose vision will challenge, delight, and awaken you to the dark brilliance of your days.

Cover blurb of Bantam Spectra edition

Empire Dreams is a short story collection which was published simultaneously as Desolation Road. As Ian had been nominated for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer in 1985, Bantam felt confident enough in him to publish two books at the same time by an unknown author. Empire Dreams has never had a British edition and has never been reprinted.

Empire Dreams contains the following stories:


  • Bantam Spectra (paperback)
    220 pages. $3.50. Cover by Shusei.
    ISBN 0-553-27180-6.


  • French Etat de Rêve
    Editions Laffont.
    Livre de Poche. Foreword by Gérard Klein (in French).
  • German Sternenträume.
    Bastei Lübbe SF Special, 24166. 318 pages, ISBN 3-404-24166-5. DM 8:80. Cover art by David Brian.


I'd be interested in the German story titles from this and a cover scan of the German translation.

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