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Scandinavian Indie's Contests

Scandinavian Indie is happy to present several contests on these pages together with artists, bands and record labels! If you haven't noticed them before, you sure will now! We have had several contests during these past years, and now you will be able to find them here on this page, as well as results from previous ones!

Running Contests

We'll be back with more contests late summer!

Previous Contests

The Brazil & Festival Contest (Closed June 20th, 1998)
The Results from the Brazil and Festival Contest!

The Coo Contest (Closed April 23rd, 1998)
The Results from the Coo Contest!

The Robot Contest (Closed February 1st, 1998)
The Results from the Robot Contest!

The Fidget Contest II (Closed May 7th, 1997)
The Results from the Fidget Contest II!

The Twigs Contest (Closed March 30th, 1997)
The Results from the Twigs Contest!

The Fidget Contest (Closed January 20th, 1997)
The Results from the Fidget Contest!

The Lousy Contest (Closed November 14th, 1996)
The Results from the Lousy Contest!

The Scandinavian Indie Contest (Closed ages ago :-)) (coming up if time allows)
The Results from the Scandinavian Indie Contest! (coming up if time allows)

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