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Scandinavian Indie & Mega Records are happy to present
The Winners in the Fidget Contest!

The Fidget members have read through the answers, and picked out the winners! The band greets and thanks everyone who participated, promises to play at a selected venue near you soon, but also gives the "correct" answer to the question:

Why are they called "Fidget"?
"The word 'fidget' comes from the movie 'Pretty Woman', where Richard Gere's most frequent line to Julia Roberts is 'Stop fidgeting!' We didn't follow his advice. We 'started' fidgeting!"

So, there you have it! But, that didn't stop them from selecting the five lucky winners, who each can expect a copy of Fidget's promo 7" single "Semi-Naked" to mysteriously appear in the mail. And here are the winners! :


1st Prize

And the winner is.... Mårten Sahlén from Stockholm - Sweden!
The winner explanation to the origins of the band's name was:

"'Fidget' means something like 'to make nervous' in English, and nervous is exactly what you become when you see them line up on stage: a couple of indie girls, a couple of snobbish boys in suits and ties, and to top it off a drummer in an Iron Maiden t-shirt! But then you get so much more happy when you discover they are the best and most original pop act in Sweden in a long time. And of course, Fidget rhymes with Midget, and the band members aren't exactly very tall..."

Fidget's reasons for selecting it: "It's just ingenious! We'll steal this one!"


2nd - 5th Prize

And the other four lucky winners are Chris Forsberg from Baltimore - USA, Pär Häggblad from Uppsala - Sweden, Mikael Stanley from Västerås - Sweden, and Kimmo Sääskilahti from Tampere - Finland!


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