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Coo ContestCoo ContestCoo ContestCoo Contest Scandinavian Indie's Coo Contest

Scandinavian Indie presents the cool Coo contest! And while we're at it, let us just say that we're still thinking about you, letting you off with a not-so-heavy- graphic variant of the otherwise extremely spiffy contest page manner out here on the web. So let's not fill these pages with a lot of "hey we're cool because we don't use a lot of graphics" leaving you with the notion that we're filling our pages with a load of text about how we're leaving out a lot of graphics instead, here's what you need to know and what to do.

This is a creative contest for your soul. No, you really don't have to answer any questions or roam about on the net for the answer to "What did Scully have on the back of her coat in the episode where Joe 'the farmer' found an innocent looking kid in his field, but it turned out to be an (wait for it...) ALIEN FROM ANOTHER PLANET!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!" Nope. Nothing like that.

You may need to check out some graphics and listen to some music on the web though - so here's the one link you need:

The Coo Homepage
This is the band's own homepage, which means one of the members of the band has designed and put it up (ie. runs it).

What you must do
What we want you to do is to design a new and lasting Coo logo!
That's right! Coo needs a new and cool logo which they want to be able to use on their record covers, t-shirts, stickers, drumsticks and whatnot. And they want You to design it!

So grab a pencil and paper, your canvas and brushes, favourite painting or graphics program, and start your braincells! When you're finished, send your masterpiece to us (preferably by e-mail, but if you need to send it in a different format - on a paper, on a diskette etc. let us know by clicking right here and we'll work it out somehow).

Sending by e-mail: You should send your logo to chief@lysator.liu.se, who will then pass all the logos on to the band, who in turn will decide who's going to be the winner, and who will be second and third. The format you send your logo in matters, but we hope we'll be able to handle most graphic formats - or we will get back to you. Please let us know if you allow us to display your logo on the results page here on Scandinavian Indie after the contest is over as well. And please remember to include your postal (snail mail) address, or we won't know where to send your prizes!

What you can win

1st Prize

* The Honour of having designed the logo
* The New Coo T-shirt with the logo
* A copy of their CD-EP "Heavenly Blue"
* Some extra bonus prizes (surprise)

2nd Prize

* The New Coo T-shirt with the logo
* A copy of their CD-EP "Heavenly Blue"
* Some extra bonus prizes (surprise again)

3rd Prize

* A copy of their CD-EP "Heavenly Blue"
* Some extra bonus prizes (surprise once more!)

Good Luck!

Last date to send in your answer: April 23rd, 1998
The winners will be presented on the contest pages about 10 days later.

Please note that none of the information you enter will be spread or disclosed to anyone anywhere ever. It will only be used for this contest in order to send the prizes to the winners. Your name (or handle if you prefer) and (if you allow) your logo are the only things included
on the results page.

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