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Scandinavian Indie's Twigs Contest

Scandinavian Indie is proud to present the fantastic Twigs from Bergen in Norway! If you are a subscriber to the Scandinavian Indie Mailing List or read the CD Reviews pages now and then, you have already heard a lot about this band, but it might be a good idea to add some information.. you'll understand why once you know what the contest is all about!

So check it out, and enter the contest now!


The band has received a number of good reviews for their debut album "Beast", both in Sweden and Norway. Among the reviews, you can check out the Scandinavian Indie and Popöga reviews right now! Another fresh review can be found in the upcoming issue of the Sound Affects magazine (which should be out around March 20th).

The song "Bone Song" from their debut album has been played on National Swedish Radio in the Musikjournalen Pop show. Several booking agencies in Sweden and Norway are interested in working with the band, and a newly started international record company has expressed interest in the band, so they are destined to play near you in the near future! Though if you happen to be in, or close to Trondheim in Norway on March 14th, you can see them live there!

If you want to read more about the band, take a look at their homepage. There you will find pictures, sound clips, reviews, a band history and links to a bunch of other Twigs pages around the world. And if you would like to buy a copy of their debut album "Beast", send e-mail to band member Finn Solemdal, or if you want, you can contact record label/mailorder company Delicious Goldfish, Bagartorpsringen 70, 170 65 Solna, SWEDEN. Phone: +46-(0)8-6554527.

What you must do!

It is very simple. Based on what you now know about the band, simply suggest a title for their upcoming second album! The one who suggests the best title wins! The best title is selected by the band, from all the suggestions they get, and presented here on the Scandinavian Indie Contest pages one week after the contest closes on March 30th, 1997. The winner is of course contacted through e-mail as well.

What you can win!

There is only one winner, but the one who wins can look forward to a neat and pleasurable package in the mail containing the following specially and carfully selected Twigs goodies:

[*] A copy of their brilliant debut album "Beast" on CD!
[*] The cool Twigs t-shirt in yellow with the "Twigs" logo on the front. Guaranteed to bring you happiness!
[*] A copy of their next and upcoming album (which You named)!

Good Luck!

Last date to send in your answers: March 30th, 1997

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Feel free to explain your title suggestion and/or leave a message to Twigs if you like:

If you are unable to send your entry with the button above, click right Here and write down your title suggestion, postal (snail mail) address and e-mail address!

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