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Scandinavian Indie's robot Contest!

Starboy Recordings and Scandinavian Indie presents the robot contest! Continuing in the simple and fast-to-download-page manner, here's what you need to know and what to do.


The contest actually calls for a bit of information, and you're the supplier. You may of course know everything about robot already, and then you don't need to look any further. But in case you need to refresh your memory somewhat, or if robot is new to you, the following links will hopefully help you out. I say hopefully because all of the outside ones were under construction when last checked... You know, it isn't easy being a contest holder!

Starboy Recordings Homepage
This is the label the band is signed to. Last time I checked it was still under construction, but that has probably changed when you check it out now.

Robot Fan page
Probably the most energetic, best looking and planned robot site on the net. If the rest of the promised information is added, this will be a killer. That is to say there's some information here now and more to come.

Starboy Recordings Article
Swedish morning paper Svenska Dagbladet ran an article about the label on May 2nd last year. Together with the article you can find separate articles about three of the bands on the label, and yes, robot is one of them. Sadly, everything is only available in Swedish.

Scandinavian Indie Gig Guides
Always worth to check out if you want to stay informed about who's playing where and when!

Scandinavian Indie Digest Archive
Everything ever posted since 1994 to the Scandinavian Indie Mailing List!

What you must do!

Once again we're letting you off with one brain-dazzling, totally ridiculously easy question. Yes, you heard me. One simple question. You're asking yourself to what lengths these nice people at Scandinavian Indie go to give you such fabulous opportunities? Well, that's just the way it is, and yes, we are that nice. :-)

All answers received before February 1st, 1998 will be placed on a damp cloth, and we'll dry 3 (three) lucky winners from it. All winners will, as usual, be presented here on the Scandinavian Indie Contest pages about ten days after the contest closes. The winners are of course contacted through e-mail as well.

What you can win!

Three winners will receive a copy of robot's fantastic debut album "Automagic" which contains twelve songs to fall in love with (or jump around to, depending on your state of mind at the time...)

Good Luck!

Last date to send in your answer: February 1st, 1998

Who produced robot's video to the
song "Members Of The Stars" ?

This person also produced bob hund's video to the
song "Istället För Musik: Förvirring" back in 1996
and has produced a load of videos.


My Full Name

Street Address

Zip-Code & City


E-mail address

Feel free to leave a message to robot if you like:

If you are unable to send your entry with the button above (that is, if you get an error message when you click on the "Submit my Entry" button), click right Here and write down your answer, postal (snail mail) address and e-mail address!

Please note that none of the information you enter will be spread or disclosed to anyone anywhere ever. It will only be used for this contest in order to send the prizes to the winners. If you are a winner, your name is the only thing that will be included on the "winners" page.

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