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Papa Muerta & Tivolirock Festival
presents the
Scandinavian Indie's Brazil and Festival Contest

We're back! And this time with a mixed Brazil / Festival contest. Sounds like they ought to be utterly far away from each other? Well, you're probably right up to a point. But in this case they are not!

For this is the contest where you can win copies of the superb Brazilian Papa Muerta indie label compilation CD "Don't Be Afraid My Son", which is filled with gorgeous guitar walls, 22 (twentytwo) songs from 11 (eleven) brilliant Brazilian indie pop bands.

And this is also the contest where you can win tickets to the Tivolirock Festival in Kristianstad, Sweden! July 4th is the date of the festival, and indie bands like Durango 95, Sobsister, Leslies and Sludge Nation are playing (you know where to look for additional information, don't you?) - so the connection is actually... well "indie". :-)

This time we're letting you off with three really easy questions. If you send in your answers together with your address, you enter the contest. That is how simple it is.

You have to work a little though, because this time we're only supplying the following URLs. You can find the three answers somewhere on these sites, but if you know your way around the Scandinavian Indie site, this will be a breeze.

Papa Muerta Homepage
The cool Brazilian label Papa Muerta's homepage does not only contain information about the label, but also about Brazilian bands, fanzines, news, reviews and more. The site is sadly only available in Spanish, but we trust you're keeping your language skills up to date. :-) The page with information about the compilation CD you can win is pretty straightforward though.

Tivolirock Festival Homepage
This is the festival's official homepage, which is not that updated as the organizers have too much to do with planning the actual festival - so you might want to check out the Scandinavian Indie Festivals area for the latest information.

Scandinavian Indie Homepage
This one shouldn't be new to you, but if it is - this is the time to start exploring the various areas and sections we have.

What you must do
Find the answers to the following three questions.

1. Which song on Brazilian indie pop band Comespace's demo "Having Never Flown a Spaceship Before" did Scandinavian Indie reviewer Erik Söderström really want to have on CD?

2. Which song was the same reviewer's personal favourite on other Brazilian indie pop band Dead Birds Wanna Fly's demo "Broken Wings"?

3. The Tivolirock Festival celebrates its ??th anniversary this year?

Send in your answers directly to us by e-mail - the e-mail address is chief@lysator.liu.se, and please remember to include your postal (snail mail) address, or we're not going to be able to send you any prizes if you win! On June 20th, we put all entries in a hat and someone with a blindfold will draw the three winners who will be contacted through e-mail immediately. The prizes are sent at once as well.

What you can win

1st Prize

* Two (2) tickets to the Tivolirock Festival plus a copy of the Papa Muerta indie compilation CD "Don't Be Afraid My Son"!

2nd Prize

* A copy of the Papa Muerta indie compilation CD "Don't Be Afraid My Son"!

3rd Prize

* A copy of the Papa Muerta indie compilation CD "Don't Be Afraid My Son"!

Good Luck!

Last date to send in your answers: June 20th, 1998
The winners will be presented on the contest pages about 14 days later.

Please note that none of the information you enter will be spread or disclosed to anyone anywhere ever. It will only be used for this contest in order to send the prizes to the winners. Your name (or handle if you prefer) is the only thing included on the results page.

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