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Scandinavian Indie's Lousy Contest Results!

Scandinavian Indie is happy to present The Winners in the Lousy Contest!

Lousy wanted to throw in a special extra Second Prize, just because the title suggestion was so inventive and .. heh, hit something on the spot. And there are a few extra prizes for third place as well. So, here are the winners!

First Prize

The winner of the first prize, The Big Lousy Package, with his title suggestion: "Spite" was Ludvig Borgne!
Lousy Comment: A short and concise title. Simple and comprehensive. It is just a fantastic title!!!

Second Prize

The Special prize, The Lousy 7", went to Jens Ågren for his title suggestion: "Jesper Larsson"!
Lousy Comment: Brilliant! Though it does crumble together with the piece of text "don't even know your name". :)

Third Prizes

The third prizes, the Lousy Promotion Tape + Stickers, went to Molly Wilson for: "My Mortal Enemy"/"Heather"!
Lousy Comment: Had the best motive. And, "Heather" is a great name for a song, though not for this one, but still...

Winners were also Neil Targett and Elin Olson for their (same!) title suggestion: "Ignorance Is Bliss"!
Lousy Comment: Strange, two suggestions for the same name! But, as it is the name of an unusual Jellyfish song, we want to reward them.

And the final winner was Roderick Affleck for his suggested title: "Anonymous Animosity"!
Lousy Comment: Damn clever! But also extremely hard to pronounce! :-)


The other title suggesions received were as follows:
  bittersweet, (this is not a) love song, alien thoughts, I'm thinking of you,
  beautiful loser, to hate somebody new, love makes me laugh, operator, starch,
  for unbeloved unknown, phone-sex, 1-900-EAT-ME!!, calcium, frostbite, OK,
  triplicate misadventures of the unknown humanoid, dissing you, untitled,
  stupid popular people, girl, my neighbours new dog poisoned the old one,
  closeout, good vibrations, magazine grrl.

And of course Lousy would like to thank everyone who participated!

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