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They're gonna build a brand new planet?!

No, but close enough! Scandinavian Indie & Mega Records presents the Fidget Contest! When we opened up Santa's sack, we discovered 5 copies of Fidget's Promotion 7" Single with two songs, "Semi-Naked" and "My Prawns" added straight from their last demo! The single was released in 1000 limited edition copies only, and you can't buy this one in the stores. This is definitely an exclusive item, and you can be one of the five lucky winners!

[Another World]

They're gonna leave for another world?!

No, but here's what you need to know! Just write down your answers to the following 4 (four) questions below, write your postal (snail mail) address and include your e-mail address as well. If you do this, you have entered the contest. That's how easy it is!


They're gonna build a new dimension?!

No, but there are some extra things you need to know. The answers to the first three questions can easily be found on the Scandinavian Indie web pages. The answer to the fourth question can not. It is a "come up with a good answer" question. That is, write down your best guess! The five best (as selected by us) answers to the fourth question will win!

[Other Side]

They're gonna make it on the other side?!

Yes, and the contest closes on January 20th, 1997. That is when we put all entries with correct answers to the three first questions in a hat (or if no one has three correct answers, those with two correct answers (and so on)), and pick out the five winners, those with the best answers to the fourth question that is. The winners are presented here on the Scandinavian Indie Contest pages, as well as contacted through e-mail within a week after that!

Good Luck!

Q1: Name four festivals Fidget played at in the summer of 1996?

Q2: Where does the name of their own label "Prodik" come from?
(any of the 2 possible answers is okay)

Q3: They call their music "bonkers-pop", but where does that expression come from?

Q4: Why are they called "Fidget"? (Guess!!)

[Write Down] My Full Name

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Zip Code & City


E-mail address

Feel free to leave a message to Fidget if you want: [Email]

If you are unable to send your entry with the button above, click right Here and write down your answers, postal (snail mail) address and e-mail address!

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