Personal contact information

Aliases: Per Cederqvist
Address: Stenåldersgatan 17
589 51 Linköping
Phone: 013 - 26 09 17
Cell: 0760 - 440 473
PGP fingerprint: E02A DCBE 6CC2 9080 5036 76C8 4E5E 738C D294 608E
(This key is kind of signed with my old key)
PGP key: 0xD294608E

Some of my hacks

A conferencing system developed by Lysator; I have written large parts of the server and parts of several of the clients.
An expect module written in pure Python.
A modules replacement written entirely in C for better performance and simpler installation.
Fsh recycles ssh connections. This can speed up remote command execution by a factor of 5 or more.
If you use Maildir and Emacs, and want display-time to give an indication in the mode-line when you have unread mail, this hack is for you.
MySQLmodule was maintained by Joerg Senekowitsch <>, who released version 1.4 in 1998. He is no longer reachable at that address. The above patch makes it possible to compile the module with Python 2.0 and MySQL 3.23.30-gamma.

However, you should probably use the newer MySQLdb module instead. It is actively maintained.

An X-event recorder that is a helpful tool if you want to design your own qwerty replacement. I have come up with an interesting keyboard layout called yudo.
netscape-remote by Jamie Zawinsky can control a running Netscape. I have made a GNU-style distribution of his code.
...and, on the less serious side:
A virus checker for Unix. It detected all existing viruses I were aware of that Unix systems were vulnerable to when I released it.
I have also started to compile a complete list of hacks but as of this writing it is very incomplete.


I work at Ingate Systems AB. We create SIP-enabled firewalls with IPSec support.


I used to coordinate the efforts to type in the Swedish translation of the Holy Bible from 1917, but I have not done much on that project for the last year. I might start doing things on this project in 1998. It is part of Project Runeberg. I'm also experimenting with an incomplete list of Ordförklaringar och sakupplysningar. In 1995 I expected work on these projects to resume in 1996, and there may still be time for that...

My private link farm is accessible, but don't expect it to contain anything useful. It hasn't been maintained for more than a year.

The quickest way to reach me is normally via the LysKOM server at

I'm not involved with LiU CA, but I have a PGP-signed fingerprint of the SwUPKI root CA (download).

One of these years I'm going to rewrite this page again.

Pray for Peace