The virchk home page

virchk 1.1 was released 1996-12-22. Download the source code. Version 1.0 is also available as source code.

What is it?

Virchk 1.1 is a virus checking program for Linux, Solaris (both version 1 and 2), HP-UX 9 and several other Unix systems. It was developed by a joint team of hackers from Lysator University during the Christmas Holiday 1996 and detects all know Unix viruses that were in the wild at that time.

Authors and contributors

virchk could never have been written without the help of several persons. While I, Per Cederqvist, is the main author and the only one that is to be held responsible for any errors in the program, I want to acknowledge the help and encouragement from the following persons, in chronological order:

Calle Dybedahl
By requesting a virus checking program for Unix, he caused me to write the very first version of virchk.
Ture Pålsson
Ture independently came up with a program very similar to mine, which uses the same algorithms. His implementation is, however, not as efficient as mine, especially not when the size of the binary is measured. But his program was published several minutes before mine, so he definitely deserves an acknowledgement.
Calle Dybedahl, again
By complaining that there was no configure script he persuaded me to wrap this up in a proper release.


Bug reports are no longer accepted. This project has reached product end-of-life.