fsh -- Fast remote command execution

The problem: logging in to a remote system with a cryptographic solution such as lsh or ssh takes time, due to the computationally expensive key exchanges that occur when the connection is established. It is common to trigger a lot of remote logins while using remote CVS, which makes it painfully slow compared to having the repository locally.

The solution: reuse the secure tunnel once it has been established. fsh is a drop-in rsh-compatible replacement for ssh that automatically resuses ssh tunnels.

fsh status

This table summarizes the release dates of all public releases of fsh, which are available via anonymous ftp from ftp://ftp.lysator.liu.se/pub/unix/fsh/. All releases are signed with one of my PGP keys; my new key is available.

Date FTP download HTTP download
2001-12-23 1.2 src PGP signature 1.2 src PGP signature  
2000-12-10 1.1 src PGP signature 1.1 src PGP signature  
1999-05-09 1.0 src (old signature) 1.0 src PGP signature (old signature)
1999-02-14 0.3 src (old signature) 0.3 src PGP signature (old signature)
1999-01-21 0.2 src (old signature) 0.2 src PGP signature (old signature)
1999-01-20 0.1 src (old signature) 0.1 src PGP signature (old signature)


The documentation is available online and it is also included in the source distribution, in Texinfo and info format.

Reporting Bugs

Bugs should preferably be reported using the Bugzilla installation at http://bugzilla.lysator.liu.se/. You can also query Bugzilla for known bugs.

Mailing lists

There are three mailing lists realted to fsh. Follow the links for subscription information and archive access.
fsh-announce Moderated list announcing new releases and snapshots.
fsh-info General open unmoderated list about fsh. Only members can post, but anybody can become a member.
fsh-bugs Bug reports. Anybody can post messages. But please use Bugzilla instead.

Snapshot releases

From time to time snapshot releases may be available. They have not been tested as much as full releasese. If you want to be on the bleeding edge, these releases are for you. If you want stability, don't use them.

Note: the 1.2 release is newer than these snapshot releases. You should currently use the 1.2 release instead of them.
Date HTTP download Notes
2000-12-03 1.0.post.5 src PGP signature - fshd exits when it has been unused for a configurable while. Some other minor fixes.
2000-11-27 1.0.post.4 src PGP signature (old signature) A security problem that could, under some circumstances, give a local user access to another local users' tunnels was fixed.
2000-11-12 1.0.post.3 src PGP signature (old signature) Python 1.5.2 compatibility restored. Faster detection of child exits.
2000-11-11 1.0.post.2 src PGP signature (old signature) Prompts such as "host key not found", "enter passphrase" and "enter password" emitted by ssh is no longer silently swollowed by fsh. The -r method can handle methods that contains slashes (such as /u/bin/lsh).
1999-11-05 1.0.post.1 src PGP signature (old signature) The -l user is now allowed after the host. This increases interoperability with CVS.

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