GNU-style netscape-remote

netscape-remote is a small program that can control a running Netscape remotely. This works the same as netscape -remote. So, these commands are equivalent:
  $ netscape -remote 'OpenURL('
  $ netscape-remote -remote 'OpenURL('
But since netscape-remote is a very tiny binary, it will run faster and use less resources.

Obtaining the code

The original version of netscape-remote was writen by Jamie Zawinsky, and is available from Netscape as the two files remote.c and vroot.h.

I have made a GNU-style distribution of netscape-remote. The license is unchanged, but this distribution comes with a configure script, a standard makefile that adheres to the GNU coding standards, et c. You can get my distribution of netscape-remote from Lysators' FTP server.

Feedback & reporting bugs

If you have any comments, you can reach me at Per Cederqvist <>.

CVS access

ViewCVS access is available.

Anonymous CVS is also available:

  $ cvs -d \
	co netscape-remote