From time to time I find an interresting link. I use this page to collect them, group them, arrange them and re-arrange them. Maybe you will find something useful on this page, but probably maybe not. I suggest that you make your own copy of the link if you find something interesting here - I may discard the link tomorrow.

This page is here for my own benefit. Use it if you like, report bugs so that I can learn more HTML, but don't expect it to contain anything useful.

Fast links

Mona Lisa and Alexandra offers fast food, and Lysator and Lysator local are pages I want fast access to. 4711. ISY:s GNU-spegel. 5.

Computer related stuff

WWW-related stuff

Programming Languages

Freeware-related stuff

Other good computerrelated links



Unsorted links

I have a pile of unchecked URL:s which might be good or garbage. I don't know -- yet.