cmod -- modules done right

If you know what modules is, you know which problem cmod tries to solve.

cmod status

This table summarizes the release dates of all public releases of cmod, which are available via anonymous ftp from
Date FTP download HTTP download
1998-09-27 1.1 src PGP signature 1.1 src PGP signature
1998-02-16 1.0 src PGP signature 1.0 src PGP signature
1997-12-07 0.9 src PGP signature 0.9 src PGP signature

Snapshot releases

Snapshot releases have version numbers like They have not received as much testing as the base releases. Any documentation in them may be out of date. They are never PGP-signed. They should not be trusted. They are only available via HTTP and may disappear at any time. But if you want to be on the bleeding edge of cmod development, this is the place to go.