cmod snapshot releases

1998-09-27 1.1 src (This is not a snapshot release). This release contains mostly portability fixes; it now contains memmove and getcwd replacements.

This release was made with the automake-1.3b mentioned below.

1998-09-20 src The usage message has been updated. Apart from that, this release only contains portability fixes and some minor cleanup in preparation for cmod 1.1.

This release was made with automake-1.3b with two patches (include texinfo.tex, a fix to the ansi2knr support that transforms # 1 "cmod.c" to #line 1 "cmod.c"). The patches have been sent to the automake maintainer, who said that he included them in his source repository. They are also present in README.DEVO in this cmod distribution.

1998-09-15 src This is a very minor release. Minor fixes to clean-sh.c (which is used by the testsuite). Include texinfo.tex in the distribution (this required yet another patch to automake-1.3b, which has been sent to the maintainer).
1998-09-14 src Ported to /bin/cc on Dynix 3.1.1, a compiler that doesn't understand prototypes. This required automake 1.3b with an applied patch (see MACHINES in the cmod distribution).

Some code simplification was also performed in this release. The test suite no longer requires that "unset" or "echo" are built into the shell.

1998-09-12 src Error handling, treatment of unset variables, proper handling of the exit status from subshells, full documentation, totally rewritten preprocessor. All test cases passes. Several bugs fixed. Use to get a shorter compile line.

Portability may be low in this release. It has only been compiled on Solaris 2.7 and Solaris 2.6.

1998-06-19 src This release fixes a couple of bugs that caused cmod to dump core when a fragment consisted of the empty string. The issues regarding unset variables have not yet been resolved.

This relase was made with an unpatched automake 1.3. I have not yet verified that the patches below are no longer necessary for proper compilation of cmod on an ABC 1600.

1998-05-24 src Shell escapes are now implemented. They seem to work OK as long as the shell escape returns a zero exit status, but the error handling is not yet properly implemented. This causes test case t048 to fail.

Special characters such as whitespace can now be included in shell variables without any trouble, at least as long as you use a sh-like shell. I have probably gotten the syntax wrong for csh-like shells.

Handling of unset variables still requires more design consideration. Test case t054 fails, and it is not obviously clear what the desired result actually should be. The current state of affairs is not good, however.

1998-05-21 src Memory leaks plugged and bugs fixed. This release passes all the test cases, but no new test cases for the new features introduced in has been added yet.
1998-03-08 src Uses a new string library. Completely rewritten tokenizer. Contains a preprocessor. This release is not stable; five of the test cases fail, and no new test cases have been written for the new features.
1998-02-16 1.0 src (This is not a snapshot release.) Makefile tweaking and documentation improvements.
1998-02-14 src "make check" should now work when compiling in a separate directory, and on ABC 1600 (with a few, documented, exceptions). More documentation on how to compile cmod on an ABC 1600.
1998-02-07 src Ported to SunOS 4.1.4 with Suns original make and cc (which is pre-ansi). The makefile no longer uses GNU make extensions, not even for the test suite, so many more computers should be able to run the test suite.
1998-02-07 src "module avail" no longer lists emacs auto-save files.
1998-02-07 src Improved "make install-sample" target that will actually try to install some sane modules. Document a proposed future syntax of module files.
1998-02-01 src New installation directory (documented in README and cmod.texi). Ported to ABC 1600 running ABCenix 5.18. This probably means that cmod runs on everything that is remotely Unix-like. If not, please tell me. Don't bail out if the user has "set -u" in his init files.
1998-01-06 src Documentation! Well, at least a framework for the documentation. "module --version" prints the version number of cmod. Bug fixes to and path.csh.
1998-01-03 src This release actually distributes the initialization files that should have been added in The csh/tcsh files contained syntax errors. "module avail" is now improved -- it sorts the output and writes the output in several columns so that more data fits on the screen. "make check" should now succeed even when --srcdir is used.
1998-01-01 src If there is a directory X11 on $MODULEPATH, "module add X11" will now attempt to load X11/default. The initialization files have been improved, and files for ksh, zsh, tcsh and bash have been added.
1997-12-29 src Bug fixes: empty variable values could cause core dumps, line numbers in error messages was wrong if comments were used. Added "module rm" as a synonym to "module unload".
1997-12-12 src Adds a rough first sketch of "module avail".
1997-12-08 src Can be compiled even with obsolete compilers that doesn't support prototypes. Uses the ANSI2KNR_FILTER-patch.
1997-12-07 0.9 src (This is not a snapshot release.) The first publicly available release of cmod. The first code was committed to the cmod repository on 1997-08-31, so it took slightly more than three months to create the first release.