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Welcome to the Tolkien games web! The links you find on this page all cover some aspect of gaming in Tolkien's world. Additionally, they are all of high quality.

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General role-playing related

Iron Crown Enterprises, MERP and Rolemaster

I have taken the somewhat drastic step to remove all ICE-related links, simply because I did not have the time required to maintain them properly. Instead, I suggest that you go to Other Hands - The International Journal for Middle-earth Gaming and their excellent links list.

Other role-playing systems

Collectible card games

There are tons of Middle-earth: The Wizards and other CCG pages on the Net. I have decided not to attempt to list them all here, especially since there are already many good link lists on this subject. Below I present a few of the best.

PBM and PBeM

Live Action Role-playing

Computer games

The page you are now reading is part of the Tolkien computer games pages where you can find detailed information about all known Middle-earth computer games along with links to downloads and other interesting pages. A few of the most important titles are:

Other computer games pages:

Board games and wargames

Parodies and spoofs

Obscure Tolkien-related gaming links

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