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Middle-earth Play-By-Mail / MittelErde Postspiel / La Tierra Media JPC / Gioco Postale della Terra di Mezzo

Produced by: Game Systems Inc.
Distributor: Game Systems Inc. (USA), GAD Games (UK until 1995), Allsorts PBM Games (UK from 1995), Central de JOCS S.L. (Spain), DaS Production s.r.l. (Italy), Strategic Fantasy Games of Australia (Australia), Drachenschmeide (Germany) and PBM Express (Holland).
Year: Started 1990
System: Macintosh
Type: Play by mail (strategy)
Language: English, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch (not yet released)
Availability: By mail from local distributor
Licensed: By the Tolkien estate

This differs from the rest of the games in this list since the players do not actually sit by the computer when playing. Instead, each player fills in a form which is sent to the Game Master (above noted as Distributor) once every two to three weeks. These forms are then processed by a central computer and the result is sent back to the player. In each game, 10 nations of the Free Peoples battle 10 nations of the Dark Servants, while 5 neutral nations ponder when to choose sides. The time is about 1500 years before Tolkien's trilogy, although GSI has also started one scenario which plays in the time of the War of the Ring and one in the Fourth Age.

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