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The Lord of the Rings, Vol. II: The Two Towers

Produced by: Interplay Productions (MS-DOS version), Silicon and Synapse (the never-released Amiga version; Silicon and Synapse later merged to become Blizzard Entertainment)
Distributor: Interplay Productions
Author: Scott Bennie, Mark Whittlesey, et al. (based on Troy Miles' engine for Vol. I)
Year: 1991
System: MS-DOS, an Amiga version scheduled for 1992 was never released
Type: RPG
Covers: The Two Towers
Distribution: Commercial
Availability: Out of print
Licensed: By the Tolkien estate

This is the second and final part of Interplay's The Lord of the Rings series. (Follow link below about the never-finished third part.) Some games were shipped with a clue book.

The Amiga version was nearly finished (and technically very advanced, according to Scott Bennie) when it was cancelled due to the quickly dropping Amiga market. It is probably still collecting dust in some archive somewhere.

There was also a planned but never released MS-DOS version on CD-ROM, similar to the CD-ROM version of Vol. I.

The game is also part of The Lord of the Rings & The Two Towers.

Personal evaluation: This, along with its predecessor, is one of the best Tolkien games available. The game frequently does not follow Tolkien's original plot, but most of the time keeps in spirit with the books. My major criticism is that the major battle scenes are uninspiring.

Screen shots

Experienced players: Take a look at the second of the above screen shots, then ask yourselves: How did Anduril happen into the Fellowship's possession after leaving Meduseld?

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