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Stomper Hyperion 5.0

Main Stomper page, w. brief info

What is Stomper really?

What users say about Stomper

What do you have to pay to use Stomper Hyperion? Or do you? Find out here....

Whaddayamean 'Hyperion' huh!?

But... I have a Mac and wanna play too!!!

The various versions of Stomper

Download the latest version of Stomper NOW!!

Click to download

What some users say about STOMPER:

"Really cool application!
We hardly use the real 909 anymore...
'Stomper' kicks bigtime!"
- Robin Söderman, Antiloop
"I really like this software. I used it for kick drums, and they sound really great, powerful and definite."
- Alejandro Guerrieri, Oid Mortales Records
"After using Stomper I thought I was ready to start my own record label"
"Abso-f'ing-lute-ly endless supply of analog kit samples, sub-basses, and stuff you can't even describe !!!"
- Kilo, DanceTech