Stomper Hyperion released - whoah - cool huh?
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Stomper Hyperion 5.0

Main Stomper page, w. brief info

What is Stomper really?

What users say about Stomper

What do you have to pay to use Stomper Hyperion? Or do you? Find out here....

Whaddayamean 'Hyperion' huh!?

But... I have a Mac and wanna play too!!!

The various versions of Stomper

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Version history

In reverse Chronological order


News in STOMPER ULTRA++ 4.0:
  • Modulation! Modulate any oscillators frequency or amplitude (or filters cutoff or resonance) with any other oscillator(s) output. Even self-modulation (feedback). Even with WAV-oscillators. ANYTHING GOES!!!
  • Documentation updated, finally!!!
  • URL's now properly say "" inside the program as well.
News in STOMPER ULTRA++ 3.02:
  • Use of newer installation program - should clear out some headaches....
News in STOMPER ULTRA++ 3.0:
  • Triangle Waveforms!
  • Use any WAV file as an oscillator, looped or one-shot. Distort the wave, sweep it, massage it, make wild tape-stop and scratch effects, and whatnot.
  • Automatic registration of .STP and .STU filenames upon installation to launch Stomper!
  • Minor internal enhancements
  • The Visual Basic calculation option is now torn out. Bye bye.
News in STOMPER ULTRA 2.02b:
  • Increadibly minor touchups
  • A drum-kit test box (not complete yet) added.
News in STOMPER ULTRA 2.01b:
News in STOMPER ULTRA 2.0b:
  • Filters! Fat, howling, resonant filters!
  • Flexible tabs, giving arbitrary nr of Oscillators!! (okay, theres a 512 osc limit internally).
  • Musical Frequency calculator!! (What frequency is C5 really?)
  • Different waveforms (not just sinewaves)
News in 1.0:
  • Not beta anymore!
  • Has an installation program!! No more worries where to put what file!
  • Has an uninstall program!! Not that I would ever imagine you would want to use it!
  • Allows you more errors in the start up quiz :-)
  • Includes all necessary files, VBRUN300.DLL too!
  • Nice new interface with tabs for the oscillators!
  • A "normalize" function to avoid clipping...
  • Other minor changes...
News in 0.97b:
News in 0.96b:
  • MUCH FASTER!!!! Now uses a DLL to do the sound calculation in C! Lightning fast, compared to the old crawl. The old mode is still available, though, for masochists!
News in 0.94b:
  • The WAV file play routine now eloquently (hah!) complains when there is an error...
  • Licence agreement quiz added... enjoy (heh!) :-)
  • Oscillator can now be "solo"'ed (i.e. all but the curren oscillator is turned off)
  • Added features for bored people...
News in 0.93b:
  • Uses a different method to play the WAV file. Instead of MCI commands (which caused problems on some Windows95 machines) I now use sndPlaySound(). Hope that helps....
  • More great example files included! Electronic kicks, jungle basses, and hihats!