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Stomper Hyperion 5.0

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What is Stomper really?

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What do you have to pay to use Stomper Hyperion? Or do you? Find out here....

Whaddayamean 'Hyperion' huh!?

But... I have a Mac and wanna play too!!!

The various versions of Stomper

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Why "Hyperion"

It's just my corny sense of humor...

Once it was called just "Stomper" but I made a pretty large upgrade (adding filters and several waveforms). This new and improved version of Stomper must have a new and improved name!! So I figured, the latest detergent/nappy/whatever is always called "Ultra", "Ultra Plus", or "Ultra special Plus (new and improved)", so I thought, why not called the improved version of Stomper "Ultra"? And with the addition of WAV import, it got the extra "++" name.

So now that I had a product that was already named STOMPER ULTRA++ 4.0 whatefuck do I do? Call it STOMPER GOLD? Or what?

So I went to my Science Fiction fandom, and found a perfect name. That was both descibing that it was Hyper (which is a bit beyond "Ultra" I think?) and also sounded cool...

...the name stems from a battle cruiser from the Babylon 5 TV series, the "Hyperion", but the funny thing is that the name of that cruiser actuall comes from the original name of the server where The Lurkers Guide to Babylon 5 used to be....

Now it's immortalised in the name Stomper Hyperion 5.0

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