Stomper Hyperion released - whoah - cool huh?
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Stomper Hyperion 5.0

Main Stomper page, w. brief info

What is Stomper really?

What users say about Stomper

What do you have to pay to use Stomper Hyperion? Or do you? Find out here....

Whaddayamean 'Hyperion' huh!?

But... I have a Mac and wanna play too!!!

The various versions of Stomper

Download the latest version of Stomper NOW!!

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What's the catch?

Stomper Ultra used to be MusicWare, that meant that it it didn't cost you anything except Music! If you used STOMPER sounds in your music, you were kindly asked to send some of it to me (for my listening pleasure only).

However, I found MusicWare in general a failure. Sad but true.

Stomper Hyperion is, for all practical purpouses, FREE. However, with the advent of various mp3-sites that actually pay you when your music is downloaded, combined with the fact that I want you to listen to my music... I encourage you to take a listen!

It's simple... you may use the software for FREE all you want... and once in a while, when you feel like it, pop over and listen to some Music.

Also, If you are feeling generous and truly like the program, you are encourage to pay the registration fee of $10 via the online credit card payment facility. Note that: This is not required - you do this out of generosity and your free will.

Another neat way to support me in my programming/music making, would be to buy buy one of my CD's

Furthermore, if you use Stomper to generate commercial Sample CD's you must send one copy of those CD's to me, plus include a link on the CD to