Stomper Hyperion released - whoah - cool huh?
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Stomper Hyperion 5.0

Main Stomper page, w. brief info

What is Stomper really?

What users say about Stomper

What do you have to pay to use Stomper Hyperion? Or do you? Find out here....

Whaddayamean 'Hyperion' huh!?

But... I have a Mac and wanna play too!!!

The various versions of Stomper

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Welcome to the STOMPER Hyperion 5.0 page! Here you will find information about Stomper, a Microsoft Windows software synths originally intended for electronic drums and drum-like sounds but can do just about any kind of whacky analog-ish synth squeals.

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Use the menu on the left find more information about Stomper, read some user testimonials, find what is new in the latest release, and of course go straight to the download area...

This version (5.0) is a complete rewirite (might contain bugs). If you feel safer using the old "true and tried" Stomper 4.0 click here.

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