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The Mines of Moria

Author: Sam Ruby
Year: 1985
Version: 4/8/90, 9/2/91 (ProDOS 80-column)
System: Apple II
Type: Text adventure
Distribution: PD
Availability: Downloadable (see below)
Licensed: No

The Mines of Moria is an Eamon game (number 108 in the Eamon Adventurer's Guild's list). It is the first in a series called The Lord of the Rings by Sam Ruby. Confusingly, it is also the prequel to Return to Moria, although that game is part of another series, War of the Ring. The Mines of Moria involves going through Moria to get some secret information through to the good forces in the south.

Note that there is another game, Mines of Moria, with a nearly identical title.

Personal evaluation: The game is characterized by bad plot, poor treatment of Tolkien's environments and lousy spelling. Avoid!

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