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Return to Moria

Author: Sam Ruby
Year: 1987
Version: 12/1/91
System: Apple II
Type: Text adventure
Distribution: PD
Availability: Downloadable (see below)
Licensed: No

Return to Moria is an Eamon game (number 129 in the Eamon Adventurer's Guild's list). It is a sequel to The Mines of Moria where the player is supposed to find mithril for Gondor and rouse Durin to unite the dwarves against Sauron. Strangely, while The Mines of Moria is part of the earlier The Lord of the Rings series, Return to Moria constitutes the first part in Sam Ruby's War of the Ring series.

Personal evaluation: A rather typical Sam Ruby adventure with a very linear hack-n-slash "plot." The atmosphere is acceptable, though, and it is quite difficult.

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