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The Lord of the Rings

Author: Sam Ruby
System: Apple II
Type: Text adventure series
Licensed: No

This series consists of the following six games:

  1. The Mines of Moria (Eamon 108)
  2. The Forest of Fear (Eamon 109)
  3. The Ring of Doom (Eamon 115)
  4. The Iron Prison (Eamon 116)
  5. The Hunt for the Ring (Eamon 127)
  6. Quest of Erebor (Eamon 128)

The above order is the order in which the games were released. The games were originally not interconnected, but after the first few the author decided that he wanted to make an epic story encompassing several of the games. Therefore, they should be played in the following order:

  1. The Forest of Fear
  2. The Mines of Moria
  3. The Hunt for the Ring
  4. The Ring of Doom

The Iron Prison and Quest of Erebor are not directly incorporated in this epic and should be played separately. They both take place before the other games.

There is also another series by the same author called War of the Ring.

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