Contact the developers

Our mailinglist is at If you have questions, requests, or just general praise about Mattricks, this is the place you should write to. The mailinglist is English only, so that everyone should be able to understand what is said. Note that we most often reply only to the mailinglist, so sometimes we can forget to add you to the CC field when writing a reply, so if you don't get a reply, this could be the reason.

To join the mailinglist go here:

There is an archive of the mailinglist here:

The list is also imported to LysKOM if you prefer to read it there (the Mattricks conference is only in Swedish currently though).

We make use of a bughandling system called bugzilla. Please make use of this when reporting bugs. Also note that you need to make a simple registration to be able to enter new bugs.

To enter a new bug, go to the bug entry form.

To view all existing, open, bugs, go to the open bugs page.

There is also a conference at Hattrick dedicated to Mattricks. This conference has the same function as the mailinglist but has the benefit of being within Hattrick and might thus be easier to access for users than the mailinglist.

To go to the conference in Hattrick, use the following links: "Community > Programs > Mattricks" and then click on the conference link and you have come to the right conference.


So you want to help? There are always things to help with, from testing, put forward ideas and translating to finding out formulas and writing the actual code. To do anything of these you should write to the mailinglist or write in LysKOM.

We need people to translate to more languages. If you know some language that Mattricks isn't translated into or the translation in question isn't being maintained we would be grateful if you would want to help. It is also possible to translate this homepage if you want. It is better to start with the program though.

Of special interest is persons that is able to test (and help with getting it to work) Mattricks on Mac OS X since the main developers hasn't got Mac OS X machines to test on. We have people using Mattricks on Mac OS X, but more help is always welcome.

We try to have an updated list with things we want to do with Mattricks. Go here for out TODO list.

It is a good idea to tell us if you are going to make some code or if you do some other thing since the work then can be better coordinated. It also helps to ensure that several people doesn't do the same thing.