12 December 2004
Six months after the release of the last stable version we finally release a new one. It might be overdue, but contains lots of much needed and nice features. Hope you all enjoy it!

From the NEWS-file we find the following news since the last version, 0.6:

Source code: Mattricks-0.7.tar.gz
Windows installation file: Mattricks-0.7.exe
RPM package: Mattricks-0.7-1.noarch.rpm
Debian package: mattricks_0.7-1_all.deb

7 December 2004
We have now begun to make use of a bug handling system called bugzilla. Hoepfully this will help us remember the bugs reported and simplify and speed up their fixes.

21 November 2004
The third release candidate fixes a number of rather serious bugs. Hopefully we won't have to wait very long until the full 0.7 release.

Source code: Mattricks-0.7_rc3.tar.gz
Windows installation file: Mattricks-0.7_rc3.exe
RPM package: Mattricks-0.7_rc3-1.noarch.rpm
Debian package: mattricks_0.7_rc3-1_all.deb

12 October 2004
A new rc-release is available. There are some bugfixes here. Enjoy and test out as much as possible.

Source code: Mattricks-0.7_rc2.tar.gz
Windows installation file: Mattricks-0.7_rc2.exe
RPM package: Mattricks-0.7_rc2-1.noarch.rpm
Debian package: mattricks_0.7_rc2-1_all.deb

3 October 2004
Today, a new version of Mattricks has been released. It's a release candidate, so we expect that there still are some bugs left to be crushed. It shall also be noted that we now have left the HRF:s behind and is now completely XML-driven.

Source code: Mattricks-0.7_rc1.tar.gz
Windows installation file: Mattricks-0.7_rc1.exe
RPM package: Mattricks-0.7_rc1-1.noarch.rpm
Debian package: mattricks_0.7_rc1-1_all.deb

3 June 2004
At long last, the new version, being version 0.6 has been released. Much has been done, including new features and many bugs squashed.

From the NEWS-file we find the following news since the last version, 0.5:

Source code: Mattricks-0.6.tar.gz
Windows installation file: Mattricks-0.6.exe
RPM package: Mattricks-0.6-1.noarch.rpm
Debian package: mattricks_0.6-1_all.deb

27 May 2004
The 0.6 release process has been delayed somewhat, but is now up to speed again. Here is the second release candidate for the 0.6 version.

Source code: Mattricks-0.6_rc2.tar.gz
Windows installation file: Mattricks-0.6_rc2.exe
RPM package: Mattricks-0.6_rc2-1.noarch.rpm
Debian package: mattricks_0.6_rc2-1_all.deb

2 May 2004
At long last a new Mattricks-version has seen the light of day. We hereby announce the availability of the first release candidate for the upcoming version 0.6.

Source code: Mattricks-0.6_rc1.tar.gz
Windows installation file: Mattricks-0.6_rc1.exe
RPM package: Mattricks-0.6_rc1-1.noarch.rpm
Debian package: mattricks_0.6_rc1-1_all.deb

10 February 2004
A new version, version 0.5, of your favourite managerware has now been released with a great set of new features.

From the NEWS-file we find the following news since the last version, 0.4:

Source code: Mattricks-0.5.tar.gz
Windows installation file: Mattricks-0.5.exe
RPM package: Mattricks-0.5-1.noarch.rpm
Debian package: mattricks_0.5-1_all.deb

7 February 2004
There is now a conference for Mattricks at Hattrick. Go there by Going through "Community > Programs > Mattricks" and click on the conference link on that page.

4 February 2004
Release-candidate 1 for version 0.5 has now been released. Download it and test it hard.

Source code: Mattricks-0.5_rc1.tar.gz
Windows installation file: Mattricks-0.5_rc1.exe
RPM package: Mattricks-0.5_rc1-1.noarch.rpm
Debian package: mattricks_0.5_rc1-1_all.deb

30 January 2004
The Mattricks homepage has now been translated into another language, Polish, thanks to Bartosz Fenski.

29 January 2004
The site has been improved. It is now generated with the help of Cheetah Templates. This could now be found in the www module in the cvs. Also, it should be rather easy to translate the homepage into new languages if you want to do that.

26 January 2004
We have now moved to a place a little more easier to remember. The new place is Please update your bookmarks.

3 December 2003
We are now proud to present version 0.4 of Mattricks to help all Hattrick-lovers.

From the NEWS-file we find the following news since the last version, 0.3:

Source code: Mattricks-0.4.tar.gz
Windows installation file: Mattricks-0.4.exe
RPM package: Mattricks-0.4-1.noarch.rpm
Debian package: mattricks_0.4-1_all.deb

29 November 2003
Another release candidate, numbered 2, has been released.

Source code: Mattricks-0.4_rc2.tar.gz
Windows installation file: Mattricks-0.4_rc2.exe
RPM package: Mattricks-0.4_rc2-1.noarch.rpm
Debian package: mattricks_0.4_rc2-1_all.deb

25 November 2003
Release-candidate 1 for version 0.4 has now been released.

Source code: Mattricks-0.4_rc1.tar.gz
Windows installation file: Mattricks-0.4_rc1.exe
RPM package: Mattricks-0.4_rc1-1.noarch.rpm

24 November 2003
There is now a Mattricks logotype. Rejoice at the nice artwork.

20 November 2003
The Mattricks homepage has been translated into English.

20 October 2003
Version 0.3 of Mattricks has arrived to a computer near you!

From the NEWS-file we find the following news since the last version, 0.2:

Source code: Mattricks-0.3.tar.gz
Windows installation file: Mattricks-0.3.exe
RPM package: Mattricks-0.3-1.noarch.rpm

10 October 2003
Release-candidate 1 for version 0.3 has now been released.

Source code: Mattricks-0.3_rc1.tar.gz
Windows installation file: Mattricks-0.3_rc1.exe
RPM package: Mattricks-0.3_rc1-1.noarch.rpm

21 September 2003
Version 0.2 of Mattricks has at last been released.

From the NEWS-file we find the following news since the last version, 0.1:

Source code: Mattricks-0.2.tar.gz
Windows installation file: Mattricks-0.2.exe
RPM package: Mattricks-0.2-1.noarch.rpm

18 September 2003
A release-candidate to the upcoming version 0.2 has now been released.

Source code: Mattricks-0.2_rc1.tar.gz
Windows installation file: Mattricks-0.2_rc1.exe
RPM package: Mattricks-0.2_rc1-1.noarch.rpm

26 August 2003
Big celebration! The first version of Mattricks, version 0.1 has been released.

25 August 2003
This web page was opened.