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Last update: October 2004

On this page you'll find the latest versions of the guides by The Guide Creator!

Do you by any chance have some text (regarding RPG rule extensions) which you want others to be able to access, but you can't publish it on the net? I might be able to offer a home for it! Or, if you have such a text published already and you think it would be nice to have a link to it from this page, drop me a line, and I might add it... :)

The Complete Guide To Metallica

You know it's sad but true

Here is the long sought after "The Complete Guide To Metallica For Fantasy Roleplaying Games" sent to me directly from the authors harddisk!

The Carnal Guide

Gwynn Kirkaldy has kindly made an HTML version of the Carnal Guide available.

Peter Singewald contacted me and told me about a project he is involved in where they are converting the rules to D&D 3rd Edition. You can find the project page here.

The latest version from 1996 in plain text:

I have started to convert the plain text version from 1996 to HTML (unfortunatly this seems to take longer time than I expected... :( ):

The Complete Guide To Alcohol

The Highlander Guide

The (More or Less) Complete Guide To Hygiene

The Complete Guide To Sanity

The Complete Guide To RPG Technology

The Fantasy Guide To Star Trek

New Organizations

New Ability Scores

Non-Weapon Proficiencies

Weapon Proficiencies

Rules Regarding Death and Here-After

Wonderful Items

Weapon quality


Other guide sites on the net

PLEASE let me know if you have any problems with downloading any of these files!

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