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Note! Abandoned page!

This page has not been updated in quite some time. This is not due to not updating the code and writing new one, but to problem uploading to this site. You will find many of my recent uploads at the Lightweight IDE pages. The new OpenGL-based Sprite Animation Toolkit is or will be available there. It is a total rewrite, the old Carbon version mentioned below is scrapped. When writing this (july 2009) the new SAT exists, works, and one full game has been written with it as proof of concept. Yes, it is true, SAT is not gone. It has just been waiting for attention for too many years.

The new SAT will not be for the compilers stated below. It is developed using Lightweight IDE and that is what will be most actively supported.


From here and on, the material is dated and not updated:



New: SAT is, at last, native under OSX! Now with a first alpha to download.


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    SAT (Sprite Animation Toolkit) is a game programming library for Macintosh which was very popular during the late 90's, in particular for shareware games. It is free of charge as long as credits are given and I get a free copy of released products. SAT can be used from Think Pascal, Think C or CodeWarrior (Pascal or C).

    The package includes a rather detailed manual, a tutorial to get started quick and easy, and a fair number of demo programs, ranging from extremely simple ones to full games.

    SAT supports all Macs, from old B/W 68000 Macs like the MacPlus up to the recent PowerMacs. (The upcoming Carbon version only supports Powermacs, but I am sure you guessed that.) You can use QuickDraw to be safe, or use the blitters supplied with SAT, supporting B/W , 4-bit, 8-bit and 16-bit graphcis from 68k code and 8-bit and 16-bit graphics from PPC code, or you can even write your own blitters for advanced problems or to use other kinds of blitters suitable for your program.

    There is a SAT ftp archive, ftp://ftp.lysator.liu.se/pub/mac/sat/, where you will find recent SAT releases, updates and extra demos. However, due to security problems, I am unable to update it (yes, when they plug security holes, legitimate users suffer), so the latest uploads are WWW only. See below, in the news section.

    SAT has been used to develop dozens of released Mac games and applications, from simple freeware games to commercial software. You will find links to some of them in the game link section.

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    Updated: 12-July-2009