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This section lists pages that are more or less SAT-related, about development. Links to games made with sat is on a separate page.

Note that the pages below may hold outdated information about SAT. For the latest release, with manual and demos, check out the links on the SAT home page.

Plunger Software has the first SAT page I know of, with the manual on-line. There is a mirror of that page in Finland.

Peter Amberg has a SAT page, and a special page with SAT demos he has written. If you look for more demos than I can offer, look there!

Brian Jones at GAZ Software has the SAT-based games Return Of The Spaced Invaders (based on SAT Invaders) and Rasta Chomp (based on HeartQuest). Most importantly, the source code to Rasta Chomp is available for download. If you want a C version of HeartQuest, try Rasta Chomp!

Patrick Hew has made Jordan's Gone, a SAT-based game that is also available with source code, using the Think Class Library.

There is a page with links for Mac programmers, including a link to my ftp archive. Some more SAT- and game-related pages include: Kuni's Home Page/Mac Game Programming, Butterscotch software, Chris Loggins Game Programming, Mac game zone programming guide, Mac Game Programmer's Bitstop and, for the low-budget developers, DropToTheFloor's Guide To Production which covers low-budget development in general, and also shadows the SAT files.

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