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On this page, I list released SAT-based games that I know of that have WWW pages (primarily those who also make links here). I also list some who don't have web pages at the end. Still, many games are missing, not least because I forget to add them at some time. Remind me if I forgot yours!

I have started putting the icons for the games into the list below, but many are missing, simply because I havn't had time to find all games in order to create the icons.

Many of my own games are based on SAT, including Bachman, Slime Invaders, Bert, Ingemar's Skiing Game, HeartQuest, Smack a Skunk and a few upcoming titles. Recently (october 1998), my latest major SAT-based game was released, my solitaire card game Solitaire House.

Michael Rubin made the first SAT-based game ever released, except for my own ones. He was also beta tester for the first release of SAT 2.0. The game is Missions Of The Reliant, a space game, and he also has a page about SAT.

David McCullough Dobson has released two SAT-based games: Centaurian (Arcade game, derived from Bosconian) and the popular puzzle game Snood.

Federico Filipponi's Boom is one of my favourite SAT-based games, based on Bomberman.

Another good modernized action game is the Bubble Bobble-clone Bub&Bob by Sebastian Wegner.

Sebastian also recently released Pac the Man, a free PacMan-clone.

Speaking of PacMan, Ms. MacPerson is a very polished Ms PacMan-clone made by Tom Lakovic, Graphicaindustra.

Akira Nagamatsu made MozPong, a very well done Breakout clone, actually one of the best freeware games I've seen!

Recently (june-99), Chris Worden released Commando Combat Arena, an amusing 2D man-to-man combat game, a fast, freeware game that balances its violence with a humorous touch. Both 2-player duels and play against the computer is supported.

Richard Bannister has a page with several SAT-based games: Zap'T'Balls, Space Debris, Star Chaos and Smashing Windows, plus a whole bunch of emulators (which has nothing to do with SAT).

LetterLand is a game for the younger audience. FARM Patrol is a SAT-based game based on the old arcade game Moon Patrol. More SAT-based games: Labyrinth by Scott Miller, Postman Pat, Munchies by Mike Fan, Spiked by Chuck Groom, and Space Siege by Jackson Myers. Idin is a 2-player helicopter game. Foreign Fruit Invaders by Olle Welinder is based on SAT Invaders, but is actually more similar to Slime Invaders. Laser Zone is a game by Hard Core Game Design. CP Software has made Hangman Pro.

Escape Velocity is a SAT-based game that has got much attention since its release. I initially developed the FastLoad add-on as a demo to help the E.V. developer reducing the loading time of the game. Harry The Handsome was the first game where the new scrolling engine was used.

Swordlord has two SAT-based games, Pinch ol Santa and the scrolling game Mildew.

There are plenty of other SAT-based games out there (Asterax, Fubar vs the DEA, Tetris Plus, Slick Willie, Ghostrunner, Aspirin and many others), but these are the ones I have found web pages for so far. If you know of SAT-related web pages, either about SAT programming or SAT-using games, please let me know, and send me the URLs.

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