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Latest full upload:

The latest full download is 2.5.0:

Libraries and documentation. This is the most vital part.

Demos. Well, you should get them too.

Demo binaries. You only need them if you have problems compiling the demos, or if you are not sure that they work correctly after compiling.

Updates since then:

Update: SAT 2.6.0

After finding a flaw in the collision detection (which didn't affect most of you), I decided to put in another change that I find rather important, namely to allow -1 as task, when a sprite is active but has no task. This is what I call SAT 2.6.0. It isn't tested much yet, so consider this a beta version ­ and please report any bugs you find.

Download the 2.6.0 libraries.

Update: SAT 2.5.1

SAT 2.5.1 is an update to SAT 2.5.0 that only affects PPC code. The update is simply the PPC library. It fixes a memory leak in the PICT drawing routines and in SATFakeAlert. (Sorry ­ but now at least it is gone!)

Download SAT 2.5.1 PPC library.

2.5.0->2.5.1 updater (smaller download than the entire lib, thanks to Steve Rusher).

Extra demos and add-ons:


A blitter for grayscale masks, useful for smooth edges and transparency:

Download preliminary DeepBlitter add-on and demos.

Extra demos:

Special archive for Think Pascal 4.5d4

SAT 2.5.0 for Think Pascal 4.5d4 is the same as above, but with some modifications necessary for TP 4.5d4.

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Updated: 9-July-1999