Getting help with

Sprite Animation Toolkit

managed by Ingemar Ragnemalm.

Asking me for help

I do support SAT, and you are welcome to ask for help, but please:

When that fails, write to me. Please include vital information as development system, SAT version and type of Mac used. Make sure your message makes sense, is easy to understand. Source-code snippets often clarifies what you are doing. And please don't be impatient if it takes a few days for me to reply.

When you are sure you have found a bug in SAT ­ which can happen, sure ­ of course you should report it, but the best thing you can do is often to demonstrate it to me. Then I don't need to guess what you see, guess what graphics you use etc. What I need is a demo with source, project file and resource file, as small as possible still displaying the error. To quote Shawn Hargreaves, the guy who wrote the Allegro lib:

If you can send me a 10 line program, I will fix it. 100 lines, and I can probably fix it. 1000 lines, and I don't have a chance :-)

If, after making such a mini demo, you havn't found that it was a bug of your own and you fixed it (which often happens when you rewrite your code that way), you can send it to me, but please follow these rules:

That should end up as a rather small file, which I can quickly download and test.

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Updated: 20-June-1999